Next jam, July 26, 2012 7-9pm

The next Petawawa Ukulele Circle jam will be Thursday July 26th from 7-9pm. Again, we will be at the Gazebo in Centennial Park taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather.

At the last jam we decided to pick a few songs to learn for July’s jam.

Boney M – Rivers of Babylon
Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl
CCR’s Proud Mary
Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire
and Folsom Prison Blues
Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville
Beach Boys Surfin U.S.A.

We can warm up with a few of the easy songs from June:
Drunken Sailor
You are my Sunshine
I Walk the Line
The Good Old Hockey Game

Want to suggest a song? Make a comment or email me at


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2 Responses to Next jam, July 26, 2012 7-9pm

  1. Martin Thompson says:

    Great idea. Are Guitaleles welcome?

    • I’d like to keep the focus of the group on the ukulele, however, I’m not opposed to other complimentary instruments joining in. If you come, remember your # of strings & tuning will be different so if you need a chord chart, bring your own. I think you could play along from the same song sheet.

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