Let’s start a Ukulele Club in Petawawa

Last week, with visions of a good old-fashioned family sing-a-long around the campfire in my head, I scurried out to the music store & bought a ukulele. After figuring out how to tune it & looking up a few chords online I was able to play a couple simple songs. Not well, but still I was making music! The only problem now with making my vision a reality is 1. My family doesn’t have campfires very often & 2. We don’t have sing-a-longs. So what’s a fledgling musician to do? Why not start a ukelele group right here in Petawawa? We can meet up monthly to play, sing, learn, chat & have fun. Ukers of all ages and abilities will be welcomed. More experienced ukers can share tips with less experienced ones. Even people considering taking up the instrument would be welcome. My plan is to try to recruit some potential members & sort out the details after.  Why not give the Petawawa UkuleleCircle  a try?


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One Response to Let’s start a Ukulele Club in Petawawa

  1. Willard Fogal says:

    I have a uke which I used to play for my kids while they would dance and sing. That was years ago. Would like to join PUC.
    Willard Fogal

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